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 Die Sprache der Welt ist Musik

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Music is one of the greatest gifts in the history of man. It would be difficult to imagine our civilisation without music, no matter on what continent and in which community. Music forms part of a daily life and accompanies us throughout our lives.
Music is also our life, or to be more precise, the conception of the finest tonewood for further processing in the bestknown musical instruments, in particular, for grand pianos and pianos.
We hope this will provide you with many interesting insights into our world of “sound” and are also at your service for detailed discussions or enquiries.


Orginal Unterschrift

Thomas Hilz
Shareholder-managing director

Mit uns erklingt die Welt

rib woods

Only perfect products are permitted to leave our warehouse
Our range includes

customer-specific processing and the manufacture of soundboards, reinforcing bars and rib wood,
keyboard wood and inner frames.

The manufacturing process for our Strunz sound boards, which has been refined over centuries and
developed to perfection, is subject to a strict and carefully tested quality standard.

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The tested and selected woods are tailored to each required size during the various stages of production, sorted
manually by colour and put together for the shape of the finished product.

We only use the finest mature woods of the spruce here because irregular tree rings in the soundboards would
negatively affect the sound of a piano or grand piano.

Final inspection and delivery take place after gluing and after the customer’s specific finishing touch, for which
varying heights have to be achieved in certain cases.

  • Latest technology

  • Qualified employees

  • Made in Germany since 1820

  • Selected raw materials

  • Highest precision

  • Environmentally friendly production

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